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samples: feature writer

* combat-to-apartment-flat-veterans-resource-fair-has-your-back
* talented seven-year-old authors
* college student highlight
* community and environment feature
* hero lawyer - The Olympian
* ranchers entering the horse show
* heroic amputee soldier inspires all
* personal story - mother trucker!

samples: education writer

* promotion writing: college course
* promotion writing: education ropes
* promotion writing: senior education
* promotion writing: diversity and alternative education

samples: review writer

* art show - 3D art
* children's restaurant & show
* book launch: Stuart Anderson
* civil war reenactment - community review
* children's theater review article
* movie: Gods of Egypt (see also: blog)

samples: hard news writing

* controversy - commercial fishing
* controversy: science and education
* criminal contractor - legal news

samples: business news writer

* economics: meter change
* economic development: community

samples: social justice writer

* cannabis marches
see also Capitol Hill Times Cannabis March
* gay pride see also: Capitol Hill Times
* anarchist march: May Day in Seattle: see also Capitol Hill Times
MORE: http://www.capitolhilltimes.com/author/tami-jackson/

samples: newsletter writing, editing and layout

* Tacoma Community College - head editor
* feature story: bilateral amputee scales mountains!
* employee feature: building morale
* seattle public utilites: technology
* Seattle Systems - marketing manager/head editor

samples: opinion articles

* divorce in the church
* aging and interfering with wrinkles
* thrift store shopping - pop your barrettes!

samples: press release writing

* promoting radio
* promoting college chamber orchestra
* press conference announcement

samples: technical articles

* Ever smoke a hashtag?
* Press Release Strategies For Social Media

published articles, stories and books:

Tami Jackson wrote and published Ravena & The Resurrected, a vampire novel set in Seattle's underground city.

Ravena & The Resurrected - Official

Ravena & The Resurrected, by Tami Jackson, available in:* hard-copy* e-formats!

SYNOPSIS: Life has never been smooth for Ravena Doomlah. Yet when she admits her fascination with Seattle's vampires to her coworkers, she feels all the more dejected. Not only do her coworkers shuffle away quickly anytime she approaches the company water cooler, but Ravena hears colleagues talking about her behind her back.

Once bitten, she tries to hide her new "condition" ... but it's not so easy when you're sensitive to the light, and vampire hunters have undergone surgery so they can spit acid through pustules in their necks.

samples: marketing writer

* advertisement-ceo
* business art - packaging/labeling

samples: blogging:

* who is writer/author tami jackson? See also author Tami Jackson's other blogs!

more writing samples available

* published in many markets not represented here


Aydward - Ravena & The Resurrected - Tami Jackson

samples: childrens magazine writer

* stay on school bus - Guide magazine
* school bus flirt- Guide magazine
* stear clear of steer - Guide magazine
* stop hurting my dog! - Guide magazine
* please don't hit me with that rake! - Guide magazine
* me & mr. T-rex - Insight magazine





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