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Ravena & The Resurrected
Ravena & The Resurrected
by Tami Jackson

R&R is available as a fascinating eBook (all formats) $7.99
and as hard copy! $17.95


Welcome to casual entertainment in the form of comics and bizarre thoughts. horror doll



Revamp: to renovate, redo, or revise
Shebang: the whole structure

Comics are the whole shebang. May these gags change the way you look at things.


hilarious comics about dogs, people, dating, family

Move your cursor over the comically drawn comic. Or not. It's your decision because you are the master of your universe. You can feel bored. Or? You can decide to "click."

Click for comic relief!


FEATURE COMIC: A New Brand Of Offbeat Expression

"Unibrow" for increasing psychic vision.

hilarious comics by tami j jackson

The comic stripper - "a tease" for the newest comic strip to come

Comicality: "The quality of being comical."

Comics and editorial cartoons. This comic art gallery! That's what you'll find here at RevampShebang. Original comic art on display. Click thorugh the single frame comics. Enjoy the two frame comics. Rejoice with three frame comics. That's what this site is about. Comic art drawn by a new comic artist. Need a comic? Contact the artist. Also feel encouraged to visit her "this brighter writer" website:


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